Islands of TahitiVa'a/ Outrigger

5 Reasons why you should practice Va’a

5 Reasons why you should practice Va'a

5 Reasons why you should practice Va'a

It was around 300 A.D. that the first South East Asian migrants arrived in Tahiti. They sailed across the Pacific Ocean with big Va'a canoes that could transport entire families. The first Polynesians used also smaller Va'as to move around the islands and their legacy has survived up until today. Do you live next to the sea? Here are 5 good reasons why you should practice Va'a.


Get Fit, Hot & Tanned

Indeed, if you ever travel to Tahiti, you'll be able to spot the Va'a men from far away; beatifully muscular shaped shoulders and arms, and of course, tanned skin. By paddling, even if your'e man or woman, your abs, chest, love handles, shoulders and arms will take form and lose the unnecessary fat. 

Vaa Woman
Vaa V6

Images from IVF Va'a Wold Sprints, Tahiti.


In touch with Mother Nature

Did you know that humans are naturally drawn to blue space? Both Earth and our body are made by 70% of water, no wonder why people experience physical and mental well being while being near water. We are biologically linked and Va'a maximises our happiness and overall wellness.

 If you are interested in this topic, Wallace Nichols explains in his book Blue Mind the science that shows the positive effects that water has on our health.




Va'a anywhere, any season

You can practise Va'a whether you live in Colorado near a lake, in London near the Thames or in Barcelona, which is next to the sea. If you want to train for a Va'a race in Tahiti or Hawaii, you can do it from the comfort of your home area even if it is winter or summer.


Cardio Master

Cardio is the main element that Va'a boosts, as muscle strenght will improve as you train. Va'a will enhance your skin and brain health due the increased blood flow, augment your lung and oxigen capacity. Last but not least, you will prevent heart diseases, overweight and diabetes.


Travel and make friends

Training with friends that share the same passion and respect for nature is awesome and will allow you to mesure your speed for the future races. Events take place all around the world, Australia, France, Tahiti, Germany, Hawaii and many others. If you are not ready to compete in V1 (Va'a for 1 person), you can do it in V3 or V6 (Va'a for 3 or 6 pax.).

What's more, you can transport your V1 anywhere by car! We do!


The ultimate race where you want to partipate is the Hawaiki Nui Competition, a long distance one and the world biggest Va'a competition that takes place in its mother land, French Polynesia. 

As you can see, Va'a offers a whole bunch of possibilities all year round and expands your knowledge of an ancestral practise, it's worth to give it a try!

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